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Original Redmi AirDots Stereo TWS 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Original Redmi AirDots Stereo TWS 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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In Stock Original Redmi AirDots (Black) Bluetooth Earphones 1000pcs ...

Operating instructions
Before starting the machine, please tear off the insulation film on the left and right earphones charging contact, charge the charging device and fully charge the headset to the charging cable.At the same time, charge the charging device to the headset and the charging device. The charge indicator will flash every 1 second. The charge indicator light is long and the headset is charging. The headset and light is red and the headset is fully charged. The headset light is turned off after the light is on for 1 minute. For the first time, make sure the headset and charging is fully charged. Charge the charger and headset for at least 3 months. After the cargo box is fully charged,

When the headset is charging, remove the headset from the charging box and automatically turn it on. The headset is not charging and has been turned off. Press and hold the main button for about 1 second to turn on. 

Shut down
When charging is in progress, the headset automatically turns off. 
In power on state, press and hold the main button for over 5 seconds to turn off. 

Dual earphones
Automatic connection: Take two earphones out of the charging box at the same time, wait for 2-3 seconds to automatically turn on the earphone, and when the right white light flashes slowly, turn on the device to search the basket (Redml AirdDots_R). Click on the device to complete the call.If the change does not, put the headset back into the charge box and repeat the above operation. 

After connection, the computer can be automatically connected to the last paired device (Bluetooth needs to be turned on)
Manually change, when the headset is turned off, manually open two headphones, the white light flashes series earphones from the upper left and right corner, the success city main set shield white headset slow flash light, Open the device to search for Bluetooth to connect. 

Single use headset
Automatic connection: Take one from the charging box to the headset, after auto-initialization, the search device for Bluetooth to connect 
After the first call, the headset is turned on to connect. automatically connect to the paired device. (Bluetooth needs to be turned on)
Connection manual: When the headset is off, manually turn on one of the headphones. When the headset goes white and flashes slowly, turn on the player, and the Bluetooth connection corresponds to the headset. 

Functional points
The following functions can be operated on left and right earphones 

Answer / Hang up
When you call, quickly press the main button to answer the call, short press the main search button to hang up the phone. 

Refuse to hear the call
When you call, press and hold the main button for about 1 second to reject the call. 

Music / Pause Playback
Music playback status, short press the headphone main button to pause playback, short press again to resume playback 

Turn on the voice assistant
From standby press the main button twice to open the language assistant. Note: Your device must support voice and turn on the quick wakeup setting. 

Answer the second call and call switch
When cell phone calls, lightly press the multi-function button to answer the call to make a call.When there is a new call on the cell phone call, short press the main button to keep the last call, and the second call is made. Short press the main button twice to change two. To call.

Headsets and cell phones
In the call state, long press the main button for about 1 second to switch to the headset of the handset. 

Turn mute on / off
During the call, press the main button twice to turn mute on, then press the main button twice to mute. 

Maintenance and maintenance
The Bluetooth headset you have purchased is of excellent quality. To extend service life, please make sure that you do the following; 
Please do not try to open the Bluetooth headset or charging box;
Please put this product in a dry place and live in the high temperature and easy to use wine in the forest to mix the magic items: please do not launch this product to hit the ground without distortion, water and other damage behavior. Please use regular manufacturers to produce and go through a safety-certified charger loads product.

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