Baseus Microfiber Wireless Charging Receiver

Rs. 1,999
  • Support wireless charge:The wireless recharging receiver support QI wireless charging standard. Your phone can be charged by wireless charger after plug this receiver in your phone.
  • Slim design:Only 1.6mm thickness, there is no obvious concave-convex feeling with the receiver pasting.It is so thin that as if nothing is pasted, as comfortable as like using a bare mobile Phone.
  • Durable: Durable connector Bending-resistant/folding-resistant/insertion-resistant/unplugging-resistant.Safe and rapid recharging without interruption or high temperature.
  • Microfiber material: With microfiber material, the surface is soft and delicate, so it has comfortable hand feeling and does not scratch the phone.
  • Three interfaces for selecting:Apple 8 Pin, Type-C, Micro B three interfaces are available to meet a variety of customer requirements for wireless charge.

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