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Baseus Air Humidifier Purifier USB with LED Lamp for Car

Baseus Air Humidifier Purifier USB with LED Lamp for Car

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1. In 30 Minutes, feeding your skin with a glass of water. Nano-fine spray, moisturize pores, instantly relieve the body dryness and shine every inch of skin.
 2. Not Wetting the Car no Fogging. 1.7 million high-frequency vibration, the newly upgraded ceramic atomizing film vibrates in high frequency, atomizes water into 1-5 micron particles, and erupts instantaneously. It does not trap water drops, and there is no fogging on the windshield
 3. Increase humidity in the Car by 40%. Leather interior will not crack, the spraying amount is up to 25ml/h, which can fully enhance air humidity inside the car in a short time, and moisturize the air and better protect the leather interior.
 4. Specially developed for in-car humidification. Abandoning traditional plastic materials and using more textured aluminum alloy materials.Not only more textured, but also effectively isolating the odor and reducing the growth of bacteria in car.
 5. Two-gear humidification Air Conditioning Partner for the humidity required by human body with and without air conditioning in the car, continuous/intermittent two-gear humidification mode is provided, easy to transport air with different humidity for human body.
 6. No Need to Add Water in 7 Days. 75ml large capacity, change water once every seven days, avoiding frequent water addition, long-lasting use.

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